Baby, It's Cold Outside!

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                                                                             Infant Massage Class

This group class is offered in a series for head to toe instruction or as a one time class to get "just the basics".

Benefits of infant massage include:

• Infant-Parent attachment or “bonding”

• Promotes better sleep

• Boosts immune system

• Sensory stimulation

• Improves skin condition 

• Improves blood circulation

• Helps digestion  • Balances respiration

• Relief for teething pains 

• Helps you learn about your baby (their needs and desires)

• Relaxes parents

• Stimulates production of oxytocin (Oxytocin is a hormone which can be produced by both male and female persons during massage. It is useful as a pain reliever and has a calming effect on the person.)

Cost is $50 for the“Just the Basics” class and $100 for the Two-Class Series. You cannot redeem Storkredit for this special class, however you will earn Storkredit for use on Spa Services.

The “Just the Basics” class will focus on gas, constipation, digestion and colic relief. The Two-Class Series will include our “Just the Basics” class, plus a second session offering techniques for sleeplessness, headaches, growing pains, and reflexology. With our series option you will also receive reference materials with step by step instructions.

Class size is limited. Please call 513-770-6730 to reserve your spot. You do NOT need to have had your baby to take this class. We will have dolls for you to use if you have not delivered yet.

Classes begin Wednesday March 18th.