How you can earn it...

Earn $25 Storkredit for every $50 you spend at Becoming Mom: 

For every $50 you spend on services or products at Becoming Mom or online at (before tax and shipping and after any discounts) you'll earn $25 Storkredit.  Storkredit can not be earned or redeemed for the purchase of gift certificates.


How you can use it…

You can redeem $25 in Storkredit for every $50 you spend on Spa or Ultrasound Purchases at Becoming Mom.   


Terms and Conditions of Use:

Original receipt or web invoice from qualifying purchase must be attached to the Storkredit certificate.    

Storkredit is not transferable.

Storkredit cannot be redeemed when you are using a gift certificate as payment.

Storkredit can not be redeemed the same day it is earned.  

Storkredit certificates are valid for 90 days from date of issuance. 

Storkredit certificates may not be combined with any other offers or discounts when purchasing Spa or Ultrasound Services.  

If you return or exchange an item and the qualifying purchase falls below the $50 threshhold, Storkredit will be substracted in $25 increments.

To qualify for Storkredit during issuance and redemption, purchase must exceed $50 before tax and shipping fees and after any discounts. Qualifying purchase must be made in one transaction. Transactions may not be combined to meet $50 thresholds.

Storkredit cannot be earned or redeemed for the purchase of gift certificates.  

Storkredit may not be redeemed for cash. Photocopies of receipts, web invoices or Storkredit will not be accepted. Lost, stolen, expired or destroyed Storkredit will not be replaced.

Use of Storkredit certificates constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, except where prohibited by law. Becoming Mom reserves the right to change these policies or cancel this promotion at any time, but will honor the redemption of outstanding, unexpired Storkredit certificates.