16 Week Ultrasound Services

Becoming Mom offers a range of services to you before, during, and after your pregnancy. We are there for you throughout the experience, offering spa services and ultrasounds at different stages of your journey to motherhood. We also perform prenatal ultrasounds allowing you to see your baby at different stages of pregnancy. We provide a 16-week ultrasound or sometimes referred to as a  16-week sonogram as one of our specialized packages.

What To Expect From Your 16 Week Ultrasound

At week 16 of pregnancy, the risks present early in pregnancy are dramatically reduced as your body further adjusts to carrying a baby. You may choose to have an imaging ultrasound at any point throughout your pregnancy, but keep in mind that you will see different things at different time periods.

After your 16 week check up with your OBGYN, it’s a great time to schedule your 2D ultrasound with Becoming Mom. In addition, many women choose to have two ultrasounds in order to see the developmental stages of their baby through the course of pregnancy. We offer special discounted packages for women who wish to have more than one ultrasound done.

Your Baby’s Development at 16 Weeks

At this point, your baby is approximately four inches in length and weighs around five ounces – and is growing quickly! After 16 weeks, the fetus is developed enough such that you will be able to see clearly defined body parts. Depending on the positioning of the baby you can see:

  • Facial features (eyes, lips, nose, mouth)
  • Arms and legs
  • External features (including hair, 10 fingers, and 10 toes!)  

You may also start to feel movement from your baby for the first time during this stage. Though the baby could still fit in the palm of your hand, he or she will begin grasping and kicking and will become sensitive to light. This is because all of muscles and bones are in place and the nervous system is beginning to activate.

Gender Determination Ultrasound

After just 16 weeks, it is possible to determine the gender of your baby. You may be wondering about your baby’s gender for planning purposes or general curiosity. It is important to note that it may be difficult to determine your baby’s gender in the first scan, depending upon its positioning. At Becoming Mom, we are so confident in the accuracy of our sonographers in determining your baby’s gender that we offer a full refund on our ultrasound service in the case that we are wrong. We only require your baby’s birth certificate as proof in order to issue the refund.

How Does Your 16 Week Ultrasound Work?

Diagnostic ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of structures or organs within the body. In this case, the sound waves will create an image of your unborn baby. A device called a transducer is used to send sound waves into the body, which are then reflected off of internal structures. The returning echoes are captured by the same transducer and transmitted to the attached equipment. The equipment electronically converts the echoes into a moving picture that is visible on a graphics display monitor. The whole process usually lasts between 15 and 45 minutes.

Ultrasound Viewing Parties

Becoming Mom also offers an opportunity for ultrasound viewing parties! Feel free to invite both your family and friends to enjoy this memorable moment with you. Each viewing room can comfortably seat 6-8 people, so don’t let your loved ones miss out on seeing the newest addition to your family!  

Becoming Mom Ultrasound Packages

At Becoming Mom we offer a variety of ultrasound packages. You may choose from a multitude of packages, in addition to various add-ons that you may elect to include. Your choice may be based on what stage of pregnancy you are in and/or what products interest you the most. All of these services include the following:

  • A Limited Diagnostic Scan performed by an RDMS Sonographer. You and your doctor or midwife will receive a report with your baby’s heart rate and position, position of the placenta, and fluid level.
  • Gender determination (except in the Sneak Peek Package), if desired.

You can further customize your package by choosing from a selection of add-on options including heartbeat recordings, DVDs, online image access, USB Flash DRives with images, and extra pictures.

Various Ultrasound Package Options

At Becoming Mom Spa and Ultrasound, we have plenty of ultrasound options that fit any occasion  As you consider what package would be best for you, please see the available ultrasound options below: Just Can’t Wait 2D Gender Determination

  • Simply Sweet – 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound
  • Twice as Nice 3D/4D/HD Package
  • Watch Me Grow (3 Ultrasounds)
  • The Spoiled Mama!
  • Sweet Beginnings – Ultrasound and Spa Package

Just Can’t Wait 2D Gender Determination

We can schedule this package anytime after 16 weeks as long as you are under the care of a medical provider. Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment in this ultrasound. We are so confident in the accuracy of our sonographers in determining your baby’s gender that we offer a full refund on this service in the case that we are wrong. We only require your baby’s birth certificate as proof. This package includes four black and white 2D images of your baby at 16 weeks.

If you are pregnant with twins or multiples, please select the Twin Gender Determination option. In this case we provide you with double the pictures and schedule twice the amount of time to ensure accuracy in determining gender of multiples.

Simply Sweet- 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound

This package now includes the latest HDlive technology! This 15-minute session includes four printed HD color images and online access to the video and all images from the session.

Twice as Nice 3D/4D/HD Package

This package now includes the latest HDlive technology! This 30-minute session includes four printed HD color images and online access to the video and all images from the session.

Watch Me Grow (3 Ultrasounds)

This package includes one of each of our three packages… ‘Just Can’t Wait’, ‘Simply Sweet’ and ‘Twice as Nice.’ You save $98 with this package compared to buying each of these services separately.

The Spoiled Mama!

The package includes a Simply Sweet Ultrasound, a 50 min pregnancy massage, and a signature pedicure.

Sweet Beginnings – Ultrasound and Spa Package

This option includes a Simply Sweet HD Ultrasound and the choice of any of our spa services up to $85. We provide printed HD color images and online access to the video and all of the images from your session. This package makes a great gift, whether you choose a massage, facial, or a pedicure.

Benefits of Ultrasound Services

There is considerable research evaluating the impact of the use of an ultrasound during pregnancy. Ultrasounds have been shown to heighten the bonding that occurs between mother and baby. Additionally, ultrasounds can produce improvements in the baby’s size at birth and overall health.

Mothers who have had the chance to see images of their child prior to their birth tend to feel more connected to the baby and have a stronger sense of well-being surrounding their pregnancies when compared to women who have not had ultrasound imaging performed. As a result of this sense of connection between mother and baby, ultrasounds also typically result in an increased commitment to healthier prenatal behaviors, including a better diet and increased exercise. Unsurprisingly, mothers who are more relaxed and committed to healthy behaviors also tend to sleep better throughout the course of their pregnancy

So don’t wait longer than is necessary to see your baby! Schedule a 16-week ultrasound with Becoming Mom today.