Postpartum Care for New Mothers – Pampering And Recovery

The first six weeks after birth is a wondrous and happy time for new mothers. This period sometimes referred to as the “Fourth Trimester” requires healing and adjustment along with doctor visits and check-ups to ensure proper postpartum care. Becoming Mom Spa offers a variety of postpartum pampering specials including:

Postpartum care is important to guarantee adequate health for new moms. Looking after a newborn is a fantastic experience, but it can also be an exhausting one. Many moms would be able to enjoy this time period even more if they follow some simple postpartum care tips!

Gaining enough rest is something that is extremely important after giving birth. Your body just did something completely amazing, but now it needs to battle fatigue and weakness you may be experiencing. When your baby is sleeping, it is a good time to sleep too. Your child might wake you up every couple of hours to be fed, but it is still necessary for you to rest.

Everyone knows that this time in a woman’s life is challenging so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it is doing a chore, running an errand, or bending over to reach something, it is imperative to ask for help so you don’t add more body pain or stress to yourself. Practical help from family and friends is essential to a good postpartum care routine. Light exercising with approval from your physician and eating healthy is key to taking care of your postpartum body. Don’t stress about losing weight, but staying active will do wonders for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Postpartum Care: Taking Care Of Your Body

Postpartum care is vital after giving birth. New moms seldom think about their personal well-being because their focus is on their newborn child’s health and happiness. After giving birth, your hormones are off balance, and coping with the changes is difficult. It is not unusual to experience emotional highs and lows including, but not limited to; unexplained crying, insomnia, irritability, sadness, mood changes, and restlessness. While these postpartum emotions can be frustrating, these feelings can be a normal part of postpartum fluctuations in your physical and emotional being. However, you should ALWAYS discuss these feelings with your OBGYN to be sure you are getting the help you need!

It also isn’t uncommon for women to feel guilty for having these emotions because this is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life. Fifty percent of new mothers experience a mild postpartum depression while adjusting to life as a mother due to feeling overwhelmed with their new full-time job, motherhood. It is important to be gentle and nice to yourself during this time. Taking care of your postpartum body is essential for your health. Becoming Mom Spa gives new and expecting mothers a relaxing experience to decompress during these challenging, yet rewarding times.

How to Take Care of Your Body After Giving Birth

After giving birth, your body experiences many physical, emotional, and chemical changes. This can be an uncomfortable time with all the changes and pains you are experiencing.

Sometimes, pain medicine is an essential part of postpartum care, to comfortably endure the many fluctuations your body is experiencing. You can ask your provider about the best option and kind of medicine for your body and personal situation. Drinking 6-10 ounces of water a day will help replace the fluids in your body and keep a steady circulation to produce fresh milk.

When you are breastfeeding, support your body and stomach with pillows (if you can) to ensure no unnecessary aches and pains. It takes three to four weeks after giving birth for the pregnancy hormones to leave your body, so do not expect to instantly go back to your prior body and frame of mind. This means that you could be having the same symptoms as you were when you were pregnant. These symptoms can drain your energy, so making time for breakfast will give you the energy you need to get through the day with enough energy!

Postpartum Diet Recommendations

Eating these fiber-rich foods every day will improve your energy levels:

  •       Fruits and vegetables
  •       Grains, oats, and lentils
  •       Leafy greens
  •       Cheese and yogurt
  •       Lean meat and fish

Foods to avoid would be:

  •       Heavily processed foods
  •       Junk foods and sweets with high sugar
  •       Soda and caffeine (consume in moderate doses)
  •       Garlic
  •       Excessive alcohol (an occasional drink is totally fine)

Hormonal Adjustments After Giving Birth

Just like during pregnancy, your hormones are changing during the postpartum period. Much of the hormonal imbalance that develops postpartum is due to estrogen dominance. During pregnancy, the placenta produces progesterone at levels that are many times higher than a woman’s body normally produces. During delivery, the placenta is expelled resulting in an immediate drop in a woman’s progesterone level. This is a common cause of the typical “baby blues” experienced by many women. Progesterone is known for its mood elevating effects. Even though your progesterone levels are plummeting, your estrogen levels remain high which can cause a variety of symptoms as well as be the catalyst for other health issues. Hormones affect every body system so issues with exhaustion, anxiety, hair loss, dry skin, acne, and menstrual cramping can all be tied back to your body trying to re-balance your hormones.

Spa services such as Postpartum Massages and Facials at Becoming Mom Spa can address these concerns. Massages have been shown to help regulate hormone levels and our skin care services address issues like acne, dry skin, and stretch marks. All skin care services offered at Becoming Mom Spa feature organic plant-based skin care products that are safe during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.

Exercising After Giving Birth

Walking with your baby in the stroller is good for both of you. The baby will get a chance to see new parts of the neighborhood and their immune system will be strengthened. For you, getting outside for even twenty minutes a day can make a world of a difference in your mood and health. During the colder winter months, take a trip to the local mall to get a walk in with the baby.

Some of the benefits of exercising after giving birth are:

  •       Encourages better sleep
  •       Help reduce bloating, backaches, and constipation
  •       Improves posture
  •       Lifting your spirits and fight against postpartum depression
  •       Losing weight gained during pregnancy

Mom and baby exercise classes like yoga can also be a  fun way to help you get in shape while also spending quality time with your newborn. The YMCA is a good place to look for these classes because they may be able to assist you financially or offer special deals. But, looking around your area for the best option is ideal. Going to playgroups with other new moms will help you meet new people and your child can play in a new atmosphere while interacting with other babies.

Body Aches After Pregnancy

Unfortunately, it is also normal to experience some body aches in the initial weeks after giving birth. Some normal aches and pains experienced the first couple of weeks after giving birth include:

  •       Swelling
  •       Bloating
  •       Constipation
  •       Stiffness

Cramping will likely be most intense the first two days after pregnancy but, it should settle down by the third day. It usually takes up to six weeks for your uterus to return to normal size which means that your body has a long healing process ahead. Becoming Mom Spa offers massages that help with cramping and various abdominal pains you may experience, as well as specialized techniques to help your uterus settle back to the proper position Our Licensed Massage Therapists receive extensive training in Postpartum Massage techniques and just like during our pregnancy massages, they’ll properly position your body during the massage so you are comfortable. For example, if you are recovering from a C-Section or are breastfeeding you may find it uncomfortable to lay flat on your stomach. Our Massage Therapists will offer a variety of alternative positions in order for you to receive the care you need and deserve!

Postpartum Care For Joint Pain

Minor joint pain is normal, and it means that your body is adjusting following the delivery. Women who struggle with arthritis and chronic pain are more susceptible to joint pain. If you had a C-section, you will most likely experience abdominal pain while your body is healing. You will possibly experience constipation and trouble with proper bowel movements. It may have to do with anxiety over possibly ripping your stitches. Postpartum Massages, eating fiber or even walking around can help.

Most importantly, trust your intuition! If you don’t feel right, seek help from a health care professional. You just experienced a MAJOR medical event and it can take time and effort to recover. Lean into your family and community during this step of your journey to Motherhood.

From all of us at Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!