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Nail Services

At Becoming Mom, we don't just buff, file and polish... we pamper you with comfy pedicure chairs, foot massages to help reduce swelling and increase circulation, and indulgent lotions.

We also use select pregnancy-safe and long-lasting Dazzle Dry nail polishes! Dazzle Dry polishes are vegan, hypoallergenic and most importantly, free of toxic chemicals that emit fumes that have been associated with menstrual irregularities, birth defects and chromosomal changes.

Because we only do natural nails and don't use Acetone, our Salon does not have the offensive/harmful fumes found in many salons.

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Becoming Mom Signature Pedicure

Begins with a therapeutic foot soak and gentle exfoliation with your choice of sugar scrub. Once your feet have been groomed and smoothed, we'll apply our calming Cooling Bliss gel to help reduce swelling. You'll then be treated to a relaxing foot and leg massage followed by an application of our moisture mask to leave your feet soft and smooth!

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60 minutes $60.00

Chocolate Cherry Indulgence Pedicure

Chocolate cravings? Here's your cure! Our Signature Hot Stone Pedicure sweetened up! We then exfoliate with our cherry sugar scrub, soothe with a therapeutic foot massage, moisturize with a cherry lotion and finish off with a vitamin C & E enriched chocolate paraffin treatment to leave your feet soft and satisfied. And... you're sure to get your chocolate fix with our delicious chocolate souffle.

And....just in case you are looking for an excuse.... according to Parenting Magazine, there is actually an association between eating a moderate amount of chocolate during pregnancy and a having happy baby.

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75 minutes $85.00

Mom On The Go Pedicure

In a rush? With this pedicure, we'll shape your nails, clean up your cuticles and polish you.

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30 minutes $45.00

Spa Manicure

A luxurious spa manicure that exfoliates, nourishes, relaxes and beautifies hands and arms. Includes polish of your choice.

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45 minutes $40.00

Polish Change

Have those hands or toes polished.

15 minutes $15.00

Mom on the Go Manicure

Basic nail care and a polish for the mom on the go!

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Express Manicure $25.00