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Why should I choose to have an ultrasound performed at Becoming Mom?

These simple reasons:

1. All scans are performed by an RDMS sonographer (not nurses or lay people that have been trained just to take baby pictures) with years of experience in performing medical ultrasound scans for area OB's. Experienced sonographers help insure your safety and that of your baby and that the very best images are obtained.
2. We are the ONLY elective ultrasound center in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area that uses Medical Sonographers!
3. We use the state-of-the-art GE e8 HDlive the latest HDlive technology to complete all ultrasound scans. Nothing compares to the GE Voluson e8 in terms of image capture, processing speed and quality.
4. We follow the professional guidelines established for the length of scans and intensity of sound waves. Not all centers do.
5. We have an affiliated Board Certified Perinatologist that consults with our sonographers as required.
6. Area OB's recommend us to their patients because they trust our sonographers!
7. If you want to know gender, we'll guarantee our accuracy... or your money back on our Gender Determination package.